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Nelson Farmers Market

Every Wednesday Rain or Shine the Farmers Market comes to Morrison Square bringing you local fresh produce and products from all over the top of the south region. Come down have lunch and sample some incredible deals and taste sensations from the people that grew and made the products themselves!

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Nelson Farmers Market is on these dates:

  • 13th May 2015
  • 20th May 2015
  • 27th May 2015
  • 3rd June 2015
  • 10th June 2015
  • 17th June 2015
  • 24th June 2015
  • 1st July 2015
  • 8th July 2015
  • 15th July 2015
  • 22nd July 2015
  • 29th July 2015
  • 5th August 2015
  • 12th August 2015
  • 19th August 2015
  • 26th August 2015
  • 2nd September 2015
  • 9th September 2015
  • 16th September 2015
  • 23rd September 2015
  • 30th September 2015
  • 7th October 2015
  • 14th October 2015
  • 21st October 2015
  • 28th October 2015
  • 4th November 2015
  • 11th November 2015
  • 18th November 2015
  • 25th November 2015
  • 2nd December 2015
  • 9th December 2015
  • 16th December 2015
  • 23rd December 2015
  • 30th December 2015
  • 6th January 2016
  • 13th January 2016
  • 20th January 2016
  • 27th January 2016
  • 3rd February 2016
  • 10th February 2016
  • 17th February 2016
  • 24th February 2016
  • 2nd March 2016
  • 9th March 2016
  • 16th March 2016
  • 23rd March 2016
  • 30th March 2016
  • 6th April 2016
  • 13th April 2016
  • 20th April 2016
  • 27th April 2016
  • 4th May 2016
  • 11th May 2016
  • 18th May 2016
  • 25th May 2016
  • 1st June 2016
  • 8th June 2016
  • 15th June 2016
  • 22nd June 2016
  • 29th June 2016
  • 6th July 2016
  • 13th July 2016
  • 20th July 2016
  • 27th July 2016
  • 3rd August 2016
  • 10th August 2016
  • 17th August 2016
  • 24th August 2016
  • 31st August 2016
  • 7th September 2016
  • 14th September 2016
  • 21st September 2016
  • 28th September 2016
  • 5th October 2016
  • 12th October 2016
  • 19th October 2016
  • 26th October 2016
  • 2nd November 2016
  • 9th November 2016
  • 16th November 2016
  • 23rd November 2016
  • 30th November 2016
  • 7th December 2016
  • 14th December 2016
  • 21st December 2016
  • 28th December 2016
  • 4th January 2017
  • 11th January 2017
  • 18th January 2017
  • 25th January 2017
  • 1st February 2017
  • 8th February 2017
  • 15th February 2017
  • 22nd February 2017
  • 1st March 2017
  • 8th March 2017
  • 15th March 2017
  • 22nd March 2017
  • 29th March 2017
  • 5th April 2017
  • 12th April 2017
  • 19th April 2017
  • 26th April 2017
  • 3rd May 2017
  • 10th May 2017
  • 17th May 2017
  • 24th May 2017
  • 31st May 2017
  • 7th June 2017
  • 14th June 2017
  • 21st June 2017
  • 28th June 2017
  • 5th July 2017
  • 12th July 2017
  • 19th July 2017
  • 26th July 2017
  • 2nd August 2017
  • 9th August 2017
  • 16th August 2017
  • 23rd August 2017
  • 30th August 2017
  • 6th September 2017
  • 13th September 2017
  • 20th September 2017
  • 27th September 2017
  • 4th October 2017
  • 11th October 2017
  • 18th October 2017
  • 25th October 2017
  • 1st November 2017
  • 8th November 2017
  • 15th November 2017
  • 22nd November 2017
  • 29th November 2017
  • 6th December 2017
  • 13th December 2017
  • 20th December 2017
  • 27th December 2017
  • 3rd January 2018
  • 10th January 2018
  • 17th January 2018
  • 24th January 2018
  • 31st January 2018
  • 7th February 2018
  • 14th February 2018
  • 21st February 2018
  • 28th February 2018
  • 7th March 2018
  • 14th March 2018
  • 21st March 2018
  • 28th March 2018
  • 4th April 2018
  • 11th April 2018
  • 18th April 2018
  • 25th April 2018
Plunket Cafe

Pop on in for a casual cuppa and chat with Mandy from Plunket.
She is here to help with any questions you may have about nutrition, teething, sleep or weight concerns and much more.

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Medicine Woman Band live at The Boathouse

On April 28th you are invited to shake your tail feathers and feed your soul with Medicine Woman’s Southern Soul music. They have been feverishly writing their first originals album. To get a taste of their latest medicine contact Cher on 021872460 or facebook message Medicine Woman Band to add your name to the guest-list $10 entry- music from 8-11pm.

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Paul Madsen @ The Vic Brewbar

Live chilled out music Classic Rock covers with a twist. Paul Madsen Promises to Entertain.

Come and have some dinner or nibbles from our awesome summer menu. Wash it all down with a pint of Nelsons very own Macs craft beer range or a glass of locally made, award winning wine.

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Anna Coddington live in Nelson

Anna Coddington and partner in crime Jol Mulholland playing tracks from Anna's new album 'Luck/Time'.

Doors: 9:15 / Show: 10:00

Tickets: https://pro.eventfinda.co.nz/2017/anna-coddington/nelson

Luck/Time is the culmination of four years of diligent songwriting and features pop sounds with tinges of indie, disco, and yacht rock thrown in. Stream or Download Anna's new album here:

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'The True Cost' Film Night & Discussion

The True Cost is an award winning feature length documentary film that explores the impact of fashion on people and the planet.

The rise of 'fast fashion' is making clothing disposable, and the environmental impact is huge. The clothing industry has become the second largest polluter in the world ... second only to oil. Human rights are taking a 2nd place to profits, as our demand for cheap clothing grows.

So what can we do about it? 'Fashion Revolution' is a growing movement worldwide, and it's taking off here in Nelson too. We are aiming to find ways locally that we can shop ethically, cut down on waste and ask retailers 'who made my clothes?'

Join us at 6.30 for drinks and nibbles. The film will begin at 7pm followed by a talk from Jennifer Whitty, Senior lecturer Ngā Pae Māhutonga - The School of Design at Massey University in Wellington and an award winning designer.

To buy tickets visit Trade Aid, 148 Hardy St, Habitat For Humanity ReStore, 73 Quarantine Rd or visit our facebook page.



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Swap, Don't Shop - Clothes Swap

Bring along some good quality clothing/accessories that you no longer wear - swap them with the clothes other people have brought along!

Submit your clothing on entry. You will be given a ticket stating how many items you have donated. Then browse through all of the other donated items and take away the same number you donated! Go home with a new wardrobe without spending a cent!

Please understand that we will only accept good quality, clean clothing.

After the swap, between 12pm-12.30 all clothing left over will be available FOR PURCHASE at 50c each. All profits will go to the Tahunanui Community Centre to fund the great work they do.

Tea and Coffee will be available for a small koha too!

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Sustainable Fashion Workshop

Interactive workshop - bring along 2 pieces of clothing. One you wear often and one you don't! We will provide the rest, including tea and coffee!!

Jennifer Whitty is an award-winning designer and researcher working in fashion design. She has worked across approaches ranging from garment design/creation (bespoke/couture to mass production) to alternative design strategies, film, performance, installations, workshops, and, more recently, digital interaction.

Whitty focuses on creating new, more flexible and sustainable ways of thinking, creating and responding to clothing that attempts to address the damaging effects of the fashion industry, such as the shortened life span of products, environmental waste, and the loss of traditions. Having worked in the industry in the fashion centres of New York, London and Paris, Whitty has a particular interest in new models of practice that will redefine the future of fashion.

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Salsa Buena Nelson: Top of the South Latin Festival: Workshop & Party @ The Boathouse

7:30pm – 8:30pm Introduction to Kizomba (for the absolute beginner) with Bari & Wimmy

8:30pm – late Party with guest DJs: Rafa (Colombia, Wellington)
Bari (Wellington) & Performances

Prices: 1 workshop - $15
2 workshops - $25
3 workshops - $40
4 workshops - $50
5 workshops - $60
party - $15
SPECIAL: Intro to Kizomba + Party $20

Contact info@salsabuenanelson.co.nz for more info

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Cruise Control Band at The Mapua Sprig and Fern

Be entertained and dance the night away to the beat and groove of Cruise Control, a 3-piece boogie and soft rock band. Hear the songs of Van Morrison, James Taylor, Neil Young, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, America, Neil Diamond, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Credence Clearwater Revival and many other great artists from recent times.

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Bragg Bro's @ The Vic Brewbar

The Bragg Brothers have a hard hitting attitude to their music with such covers as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and many more of your favorites.
These Gifted musicians promise to impress.

What better to apreciate good music than with an icey cold pint of Nelsons own Macs beer, Locally made wines or creative cocktails.

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2nd Top of the South Latin Festival

Latin Dance Weekend with Workshops, Party and Performances.
Saturday workshops in Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa taught by guest teachers Wimmy, Bari, Rafa & Georgia.
Join the fun !

Daytime Workshops Trafalgar St Hall
Evening Workshop & Party at The Boathouse

10:00am – 11:00am Kizomba (beyond the basics)
11:15am – 12:15am Bachata (Improvers)
1:30pm – 2:30pm Salsa (Leading, following and frame - how to improve the fundamentals of your technique)
2:45pm – 3:45pm Salsa Combo (Improvers/Intermediate)

In the evening at the Boathouse
7:30pm – 8:30pm Introduction to Kizomba (for the absolute beginner)
followed by
Party from 8:30pm !!!

For FURTHER INFORMATION, please see the attached flyers or www.salsabuena.co.nz

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Roller derby bout - Choose your TV show

Nelson Bays Roller Derby league presents its first intraleague game of the season, and it's a funTV-themed bout. The Sons of Anarchy will face off against those wicked people from Breaking Bad.
Be ready for a full contact, hard-hitting game with a few laughs.

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Beginners Home-brewing Training Session

This is a free training course with pre-registration required.

The course lasts three hours and includes all of the things we wish we knew when we started brewing. As well as covering the most important topics regarding fermenting wort to make beer, it has a hands-on demonstration of a simple brewing method called "Partial Extract Brewing". This allows you to make great beer at home without having to buy a lot of expensive equipment. It also uses fresh ingredients so you can get better results than the standard recipe kits - as well as to design and improve on your own recipes!

Numbers are restricted so please email info@leagueofbrewers.com to reserve your place.

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Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Base Open Day

Don’t miss our live winch demonstration at 12pm and our popular kids dress up competition being judged at 1.00pm. If you have children or grandchildren under 10 years old, make it a project for the school holidays and get creative with your outfits. Four lucky children will win a scenic helicopter flight!

$70 scenic helicopter rides available on the day.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/NelsonMarlboroughRescueHelicopter/ ... for updates or cancellations.

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Jelly Bean Alley

Jelly Bean Alley is a mountain bike event designed specifically for families to ride together.
Grandparents, Parents, Children can ride easy trails in a relay.
Each team's rider has an old fashioned luggage label around the wrist at at the end of each lap a hole is punched through the label with a bus conductor's clicker. The idea is that each rider does a short easy to ride lap then passes the label to the next rider.
If a child is younger a parent can ride alongside them as guidance.
This event is all about having fun as a family in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.
Entry is Free

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Jacquie Walters as part of New Zealand Music Month 2017

Jacquie is a singer-songwriter who has performed in the UK, France, Germany and Australia and has toured NZ
Jacquie's concerts comprise of mostly original material, although she does sing some traditional Scottish songs. Her own songs are about love, family and issues that touch her heart such as the environment and social justice. Her music is gentle and ultimately aims to touch people's hearts. She has performed with Ariana Tikao in "Pounamu" and more recently with well-known guitarist and bass player James Wilkinson.
This year she has performed as part of the Nelson City Highland Band's concert at Fairfield House, at the Evolve Festival and at the Nelson Acoustic Routes club.


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Takaka Library: Wills and Powers of Attorney

It's time to take action and start thinking about your will. Maybe it's a case of thinking, 'I really need to update that will but don't know what to do about it.'

This is an excellent opportunity to get answers to your questions and get the ball rolling.

Julia O'Connor, legal educator with Nelson Bays Community Law and Simon Jones, Golden Bay Community Law advisor will lead this session, answer questions and give advice.

All welcome. No bookings necessary. Free.

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Motueka Library: Author talk - Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens talks about her recently published book Dancing On The Tundra, which follows on from Walking on Ice and Nesting on the Nushagak.

The book is the final in a trilogy of memoirs about living and loving in the Alaskan wilderness. As Dancing in the Tundra opens, Emma is adjusting to life in south western Alaska with the man she married after an online romance.

In her new job as the bicultural coordinator of nine Eskimo village schools, Emma flies to remote village schools to work with local teachers. However, after a particularly perilous flight, Emma and her husband decide to relocate to a remote Alaskan village.

Living in the bush presents many challenges including isolation and temperatures that can plummet to -80 below freezing. As a result, Emma and her husband make the hard decision to leave their beloved Alaska and return to New Zealand.

Now is your chance to hear directly from Emma about her adventures and ask her any burning questions about her romance, life in Alaska, and returning home.

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Folk Night

A fun and casual gathering of folk musicians. Join in or just listen.

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Motueka Library: Author talk - Sandra Quiggin

Author and motivational speaker Sandra Quiggin will share self-help tips and techniques using colour for various aspects of your life.

Learn how to focus on your goals and achieve these with an emphasis on colour.

Sandra's book Colour Your Life With the Colour Code Method will also be on sale.

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Takaka Library: NZ Music Month - Alice Williams and students

This month the talented musicians of Golden Bay will share their music and songs with concerts during the month of May.

First up is Alice Williams and students with a violin showcase concert.

Performers of all ages and stages will play a wide variety of music from classical to folk.

Free. No bookings required.

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Celebrate Our Midwives

Playcentre Families Support:
We love Midwives Morning Tea
Midwives in NZ are doing it tough. Let's show them we appreciate the work that they do bringing babies into the world. They can't strike so we'll show them we support them. This morning tea/picnic will be held on the "The Broads' field in front of Nelson Hospital (Tahunanui Community centre if wet). It is a 'spinoff' of the celebration to be held on Parliament lawn hosted by Emily Writes. Bring your kids and some kai. We'll eat together and the kids can draw pictures for our midwives while we write some letter together to show our support. Please spread the word in your community.

Find us on Facebook - We Love Midwives Morning Tea - Nelson

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Sonic Delusion Album Release Tour Boathouse Nelson

This is part of a nationwide album release tour celebrating the release of "This Material World" Sonic Delusion's 4th studio album.
Too funky for folk and too folky for funk - that's Sonic Delusion's Latin-infused, pop-laced "funky electroacoustic folk."
Sonic Delusion’s frontman Andre Manella uses his well-worn loop pedal to spontaneously create layers of rhythm, tone, and vocals.
The Swiss-Kiwi electro-folk raconteur “easily carves out his own unapologetically ambitious and intriguingly experimental sound.”
“Catchy loops invite plenty of dancing and hip swaying… a sensual delight to the ears”.
Support: Ben Dixon


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Ceroc Tea Dance

Ceroc Nelson's tea dance party at St Joseph's Hall, Manuka St.

Ceroc modern jive is a funky partner dance danced to most types of music.

Ceroc incorporates elements of other dance styles including Salsa, Swing, Rock'n'Roll, Jazz/Funk and more. As a result, it can easily be danced to a very wide range of music. Go to almost any party and you can certainly dance Ceroc there.

Having a tea dance early in the evening warms you up on a winters night before heading out to other events.

Come have a cup of tea/coffee and BYO plate of goodness.


For those wanting information on our lessons, please see our website http://www.freewebs.com/cerocnelson/

Lessons are held at the St Joseph School Hall on a Thursday from 7pm

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Medicine Woman and The Coyote Blues Band

Sat 6th May
Medicine Woman and The Coyote Blues Band
Music from 8pm, Dinner from 6pm, $15
Welcome to the best Juke joint in the land. Two excellent local bands offer up some blues and rock to get you up on your feet, dancing the night away.

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Broadway Unplugged

Come and see 9 singers perform two musical theatre songs of their own choice in the second in a series of concerts designed to give people the chance to perform. No auditions are endured, no rehearsals are held. These performers are all lined up and ready to delight you with a selection of songs you might otherwise never get to hear. See some new faces, fresh voices, discover songs and singers you perhaps didn't realise existed.

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Kathryn Stott & NZSQ

Renowned for her interpretations of French piano repertoire – full of ‘evanescent colours and shimmering, elusive light’ – British pianist Kathryn Stott will perform recitals in New Plymouth and Napier, before joining the New Zealand String Quartet for solo and chamber music.

Debussy’s L’Isle joyeuse – inspired by Watteau’s enigmatic painting L’Embarquement pour Cythère – is at the centre of Kathryn’s recitals, alongside Dutilleux’s Piano Sonata: this is a rare opportunity to hear these ravishing works programmed together.

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Annabelle & Tersha, flute duo as part of New Zealand Music Month 2017

This dynamic Flute Duo features two of Nelson's leading players who play with the Nelson Symphony Orchestra and teach in the wider community.
Their programme features mainly NZ music around the theme of 'Dance'.

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Motueka Library: Autumn Poetry Evening

Join us in celebrating poetry with poet Maggie Brown.

Share your own poem or a favourite poem containing an Autumn theme.

Enjoy this opportunity to be touched by the magic of poetry, to get involved in the poetry community and discover new poets.

Share your own poem or a favourite poem or just listen and enjoy.

Light refreshments will be provided.

All welcome. No bookings necessary. Koha.

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Barry Maister

Nelson Host Lions Club invites you to enjoy a presentation by Barry Maister ONZM.

Barry is a personable and passionate speaker, and enjoys involvement in many community organizations. He is a current member of the International Olympic Committee, and was deeply involved in the Rio Olympics. From 2001-2011 he held the position of Secretary General for the New Zealand Olympic Committee. Barry's involvement with the Olympic Games goes back the days when he was a member the gold winning New Zealand hockey team at the Montreal Olympics.

All proceeds from this charity fund raising event will be donated to the Special Olympics (Nelson)

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Zorn as part of New Zealand Music Month 2017

Martin Brown - Vocals, Simon Harbinson - Drums, Axel Zorn - Bass/Songwriting/Synth/Electric Guitar, Sang Pi Ban - Guitar
In 2016, multicultural pop and prog rock band ZORN made its appearance on the Nelson region scene. The members of the band hail from England, Ireland, Burma and France. Zorn draws on influences from British pop, prog rock and poetry with short energetic pieces to dance to and more complex ones to reflect upon.

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Ed Byrne - Outside Looking In

Irish comedian, Ed Byrne, celebrates his 20 year love affair with NZ audiences with his 7th tour down under, headlining the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival.

Back in 1996, when he first toured to New Zealand, stand-up comedy was the new rock 'n roll and Ed lived hard and fast like a would-be rock star. Twenty years on times have changed. Ed is not only a family man, he has also now embraced the great outdoors and can often be found scaling mountain peaks around the world.

But one thing that hasn't changed is that Ed has always felt like an outsider looking at a world within. This perspective has made him one of the keenest and most in demand observational comedians in the UK and a frequent guest on notable TV and radio shows such as Mock the Week, Live at The Apollo, The Graham Norton Show and Have I Got News For You?.

He will be reunited with local producer, Scott Blanks, who was instrumental in getting Ed to New Zealand 20 years ago, joining him in the celebrations of the 20th year at The Classic, New Zealand's own class home of comedy.

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Motueka Library: Craft and Yarn

Bring your craft project to Motueka Library and work on it while meeting new people in a relaxed sociable atmosphere.

If you enjoy knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, making cards, embroidery or any other craft we welcome you to our new Craft and Yarn gathering.

At this first meeting we can discuss how often this group would like to meet and create a schedule for the rest of the year.

Free. No bookings required.

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Nurture at Home Educator Information

Interested in becoming a at home chidcare educator? Come in and have a chat with Nurture @ Home and see how it could work for you. Coffee and cake provided.

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Forest & Bird AGM, pot-luck dinner and Kiwi talk

Come along to Forest and Birds AGM, which includes a pot luck dinner (bring a plate) and also listen to a presentation by Robin and Sandy Toy about the plight of the Roroa - Great Spotted Kiwi.
Robin and Sandy will preview the results of an ongoing study of the distribution of our biggest kiwi species in north west Nelson. Why is a substantial range contraction and population decline evident?
Robin and Sandy will illustrate likely causes of this decline with videos taken by the Friends of Flora using trail cams at kiwi nests.

Pot luck tea - 6pm,

AGM - 7.30pm,

Roroa presentation - 8pm approx.

More Information.

Duo Jackson as part of New Zealand Music Month 2017

Welcome back to Miles and Margarita Jackson, guitar and violin duo, performing classical, Jazz, Latin, gypsy, world music and original compositions. Margarita and Miles have performed in many countries including performances for the NZ Embassy in Madrid and Singapore, made programmes for Radio and Television and have recorded several albums.

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Takaka Library: NZ Music Month - The Hot Flushes

This month the talented musicians of Golden Bay will share their music and songs with concerts during the month of May.

In this concert you'll experience 40 minutes of rock and chat. Learn how the creative process works and how to overcome in strument failure. A couple of new songs will also be included for Hot Flushes fans!

Free. No bookings required.

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ZORN - supporting act: TIME

Its that time again when Zorn, this time teaming up with TIME, will play Nelsons own 'Million Dollar View' venue the Boathouse....come down eat, drink take in the views and then rock out to Nelsons original music scene!!

One year after their debut gig in Nelson, local original and multicultural rock band Zorn is back at the Boathouse with it's amazing melodic tunes and powerful lyrics.Inspired by The Police, Porcupine Tree, Marillion and Starsailor, they will get you dancing and reflecting, as this is not music for the masses. Supportive of original music, they have invited TIME, a local 3-piece band to play the first part.

Website: www.houseofzorn.com
Facebook: /www.facebook.com/houseofzorn

More Information.

Andrew White

Andrew White is a troubadour. He is one of those rare artists who can skilfully combine brilliant finger-style guitar work with a compelling story in lyric and deliver them both in an engaging live performance.
Over the past two decades Andrew has toured and collaborated with artists as diverse as, Clannad, The Corrs, Michelle Shocked, Tommy Emmanuel, John Renbourne, John Martyn, Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), Janis Ian, Mary Black, Eddie Reader, Andy McKee, The Indigo Girls, Taj Mahal, Capercaillie, Otmar Liebert, Juan Martin, Tom Paxton, Seals and Crofts, Shriekback, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, and many others.

Be prepared to have your heart and mind shaken and stirred as his fingers glide effortlessly over the fretboard and his soaring vocals take you on a journey you will not easily forget.

Book early as tickets are limited.

More Information.

Back From The Dead Dance Party

Playing Music From People who are No Longer With Us.

Saturday 13th May at The Playhouse Theatre
Free Entry, Dinner and light music from 6pm, Dance Party from 8pm.

Direct from the other side, The Back From The Dead Dance Party, only plays music from people who have died.

Inspired by the awful year that was 2016, here is a chance to celebrate the work and art of those who have passed away by dancing the night away, with a music of all genres and music styles.

Dress up like your favorite dead Celebs, bring a crew and have a ball at the Dead Man’s Disco.

Bus from town for $10 return leaving 7pm with stops (if requested) in Tahuna, Stoke, Richmond.
(we will need at least 30 people for this bus to happen, so please round up the crew and call us to book your spot for transport). Pre arranged pick up available from Mapua and surrounds for diners. Drop offs to Mapua and surrounds for dancers only.

Call us on 5402985 for all bookings and transport options.

David Bowie
Freddy Mercery
James Brown
Otis Redding
Jimmy Hendrix
Whitney Houston
Micheal Jackson
And many many many many many more

More Information.

Kelvin Cruickshank - Soul Food

By popular demand NZ Medium Kelvin Cruickshank returns to Nelson with SOUL FOOD

Passing on messages from people who have died and are in spirit is what Kelvin was put on earth to do. However, since the incredible success of Sensing Murder there's been such a great demand from people on this side wanting private readings that it is just not physically possible for him to do them anymore. The best way for Kelvin to be able to put people in touch with the loved ones they've lost - and also help them to understand how the afterlife works - is through his live shows, Soul Food.

When you come to his Soul Food shows, please come with an open heart and an open mind. Kelvin tries to read for as many people as possible but what happens on the night is up to spirit, not Kelvin. If there is a lot of expectation from the audience it can create a barrier. So relax, chill out and enjoy the show, and you never know - it could be your loved ones who show up. And even if they don't, hopefully the evening will open your eyes to the fact those we've lost are now in the white light, and their spirit lives on.

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Takaka Hill Climb

An iconic 15km run that starts at the bottom of the Takaka Hill and finishes at the top.
Just $5 entry and open to all runners and walkers who wish to take up the challenge of competing in this event. Enter on the day.
Transport provided to get back to the bottom or you can run back if you wish.
Walkers start 9.00am.
Runners start 10.00am
(early start for runners available if required)
Come along and give it a go.

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Free Family Open Day

Mapua Playcentre Free Family Open Day - Term 2 Fire Truck Visit!
Join us as we welcome the Mapua Fire Service as they bring along the Fire truck for the tamariki to explore and learn about Fire Safety.

Experience first hand with your children what free play is all about and discover what Kiwi families have been embracing across the country for generations.

Sessions run Monday and Friday from 9.30am -12 noon during term time. Visitors always Welcome.

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Alzheimers Nelson Fundraiser High Tea Afternoon

Alzheimers Nelson Fundraiser High Tea Afternoon at the Boathouse, Wakefield Quay, Nelson.

A gorgeous excuse to catch up with the girls and celebrate Mother's Day!

Tickets available from Harleys Pharmacy on Tahunanui Drive, Karen Jordan Styles on Bridge Street, Hurst and Taylor on Main Road Stoke and the Richmond Mall Information Desk.

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Baby Sleep Consultant Q & A

Pop in to chat with Amy, a qualified baby sleep consultant about any baby/toddler sleep questions you have.

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Eva McComb as part of New Zealand Music Month 2017

Eva was born in Hungary, but has lived in Australia and New Zealand for the past 25 years. She is passionate about the renaissance lute.
She will demonstrate pieces mostly from 16th century France, Italy and England.

More Information.

Live Poets presents Tourettes

The Live Poets evening kicks off with local music and an open mic session follows. Our guest poet, Tourettes, takes the stage around 8:30 pm. After a break, the second open mic session will roll from 9.15 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. Contact Rose at thewritingforest@gmail.com

Thanks to Creative Communities for their support.

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Takaka Library: NZ Music Month - Alan and Chloe

This month the talented musicians of Golden Bay will share their music and songs with concerts during the month of May.

In this event, Alan and Chloe play a selection of popular music from 50-100 years ago - the Radio Days.

They will also play and tell the story of a few songs from the American Songbook - and don't forget The Beatles!

Free. No bookings required.

More Information.

Frenchy Unleashed

Frontier Comedy are thrilled to announce that multi-talented comedian, writer & internet sensation Frenchy is returning to New Zealand this May with his brand new stand-up show Frenchy Unleashed.

With his charming, self-deprecating humour Frenchy has achieved critical acclaim and sold out seasons across Australia and the UK. In 2017, Frenchy's back with a brand-new hour of inappropriate banter, Gumby-like moves and observational humour. Find out what his 2 million social media followers love about him - and prepare to be offended!

Don't miss your chance to see Frenchy unleashed upon New Zealand this May!

More Information.

Anna Heinz & Peter Gale as part of New Zealand Music Month 2017

Pete, who once described himself as “a rocker who lost his way”, is a fine folk/acoustic musician who has a good hand on the guitar and a lovely relaxed voice.

Anna is part of the furniture at Acoustic Routes Nelson Music Club. She has played acoustic and folk music most of her life and has performed solo and as a member of the groups Msconceptions and Cairde over many years too. Anna is a clever finger style guitarist who has a clear singing voice. She is a great harmony singer.

When these two folkies get together they perform a range of material sourced from performers like ‘Show of Hands’, Mick Hanly, Mike Silver and others. The music is melodic and rhythmic and the harmonies are rich and well blended. They use two guitars or Bass and Guitar with combinations of rhythm and picking threaded together in a way which adds to the overall richness of sound.

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The Big Bike Film Night in Nelson

We're on a mission- sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with you.

Showcasing a collection of short movies that have everything a Bike Centric audience could want- action, drama, plenty of humour and even a hint of romance, the evening is a bike lover’s idea of paradise.

We’re going to spin some wheels with an impressive lineup that includes a stylish look at London’s bike culture, the remarkable story of an American Bike Frame Builder; an absorbing attempt and challenge of cycling up the gruelling 1912 metre peak Mount Ventoux, two very different faces of BMX, with contrasting stories and styles.

We also have the homegrown ‘Muscles and Dreams’ documentary, which follows a bunch of good keen men transforming an idea for a gold miner’s road from the 1800s into New Zealand’s longest continuous single-track – The Old Ghost Road on the West Coast.

The short films are a great reminder of why we love to ride our bike; with stories that captivate us, stories that make us think and most importantly of all- stories that inspire us to get on a bike.

Get your mates, get your tickets, go on… get your bike and come along for the ride!!

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Book Night 2017

Gather your whanau, book group, kids...or head to the library... or just curl up with the cat or dog at home! Wherever you are, whoever you are with, read a book/ebook for fun for 15 minutes or more then register at bds.org.nz/booknight to go into prize draw. Messages and selfies encouraged!
Part of a nationwide event. Watch the google map fill up with stars from all round Nelson and nationwide!

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Book Night

A 'read-in' as part of this year's Book Discussion Scheme's Book Night. Bring along your favourite book, the book you are currently reading, or select one of ours - and read with us. We will have computers available for you to register your participation on the night.

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Uklectics as part of New Zealand Music Month 2017

Uklectics are a four piece all female band with a unique slant on covers and originals from folk to punk, country to rock. The industry standards come with a unique twist and 4 part harmony.
Uklectics' aim is to have fun and entertain.

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