Vortex Wind Karting

  • Richmond
  • Land Sailing
  • $15.00 - $45.00

Harness the wind and go away with a grin

Hi folks, sorry, we are closed at moment, REOPEN, 9th September 2017, book now and see you then.

Also, a big event coming up quickly, South Island bk champs, 8th and 9th October. Book now.

Looking to try sailing a land yacht, why not try our blokarts?   
Wind karting is a breeze to learn... you'll pick it up in minutes! 
We have a special built track, just for these wonderful wind powered machines.

We are open seven days, wind/weather dependent from 12 noon till six
We look forward to seeing you.


Vortex Wind Karting

384 Lower Queen St
7020 Richmond


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