Source to Serve

Nelson City put its best foot forward hosting Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall on a visit to Nelson on 7 November 2015.

Source to Serve was developed as a new brand and collateral to show off the Nelson region - particularly its wines and locally grown produce - during the Royal visit at the end of 2015. 

A selection of the region's key businesses did an outstanding job in presenting the unique organic, artistic, culinary and scientific strengths the region has to offer. It was an attractive proposition for potential new visitors, residents and businesses, as well as for the Royal visitors, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

The Prince of Wales visited New Zealand’s leading research and scientific institution, the Cawthron Institute, and had the opportunity to learn about the world leading and innovative technologies used in developing sustainable aquaculture. Presentations included Plant and Food Research's work into sustainable Precision Fishing, and Cawthron's work on the science behind mussel aquaculture and algae development. Download the Cawthron Institute / Plant & Food Research brochure, 'Science Behind Sustainable Seafood' here.

Their Royal Highnesses also visited Mahana Villa, welcomed by owners Glenn Schaffer and Chandler Parker before commencing on a tour of Mahana Estate. They were then treated to a "Source to Serve" event, meeting local Nelson wine, beer and food producers, as well as sixty key business leaders.

This portion of the event focused on how the Nelson region can not only grow the freshest products, but also has the sustainable production and processing to ensure they are ready for the finest of dining experiences. The Kono Oysters were a perfect example - an iwi initiative, developed using Cawthron science, farmed in our beautiful clean Te Tau Ihu waters, prepared by talented local chefs - producing a delicacy fit for Royalty.

Mayor Reese said, "It was a privilege to showcase this region as outstanding seafood and wine producing region for Their Royal Highnesses today. Duchess Camilla was a perfect partner for this part of the tour with her exceptional knowledge of viticulture. Her Royal Highness expressed a very strong desire to spend more time in our region to meet and talk with our viticulturists and we would be delighted to host a United Kingdom wine experience. This would help us reinforce Nelson’s position as a premier wine destination, with a focus on Chardonnay and secondary strength in aromatics.”

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