Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a tourism operator in the Nelson Tasman region? Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about our web listings.

If you're a Nelson Regional Development Agency Business Partner in the Nelson Tasman region, you can reach more than 150,000 potential visits* each year by listing on the official website.

* There were 156,426 unique visits of the between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015

1.  the password i enter doesn't work, why?

Any passwords assigned or set up prior to the launch of the new website no longer provide access to the tourism operator area. You will need to reset your password by clicking on the ‘Reset password’ link under the ‘Log in’ form on this page. Enter the email address to which we sent you notification about the new site and/or your listing renewal reminder. When you enter the correct email address, an automated email will be sent to you inbox with a link to the password reset page. If you are still having difficulty, contact us and we can reset your password on your behalf.

2.  How much does each listing cost?

Each listing, in each category, costs $150 plus GST. However, members of the Convention and Domestic Marketing Group get a free Convention listing, which appears on the Convention sub-site. Members of the International Marketing Group get a free Wholesale listing, which appears on the Industry & Media sub-site. 

3.  Why can't I tick the checkbox to indicate I am a member of the International Marketing Group (IMG), Conventions and Domestic Marketing Group (CDMG) or Motel Association?

Your membership details have been migrated from the old website and are managed by our website administrator. If they do not appear to be correct please email

4.  Why can't I change the category in which my listing appears?

Again, your listing details have been migrated from the old website, and our website administrator has tried to determine the most relevant category for your listing. However, if you wish to change this category, please email  You may purchase multiple listings at $150 plus GST each. 

5.  i have renewed my listing and now there are two listings showing, but i can only edit the old one, why?

When you renew a listing before the expiry date, a duplicate version of it will be created but until this listing becomes active it will not be editable. If you wish to update any of the details in your listing, simply click on 'Edit' beside the current listing.These changes will be automatically transferred to your new listing when it is published. 

6.  How are listings ranked?

After ranking by Qualmark award, listings will be ranked on a random basis that will change after 24 hours. So it pays to regularly log in to check your listing is up to date.  

7.  How do I find my Qualmark ID?

Operators can find their Qualmark Account ID in the post evaluation email from Qualmark that also contains their evaluation report and logo(s). Qualmark also started including the ID on invoices about three months ago, so those customers that have been invoiced recently will have this. Operators can also contact for their ID.

8.  I've added my Qualmark / Trip Advisor / BookIt details but there not showing on my listing, why?

The pulls data from a number of third party websites, including Qualmark, Trip Advisor and BookIt. These updates happen overnight, so it may take up to 24 hours for your awards, ratings or book now button to appear on your listing.

9.  Some listings have a 'Book Now' button but I only have an 'Enquire' button - how do I change this?

Nelson Tasman Tourism's preferred booking engine is BookIt - all operators who have a BookIt account will be able to enter their BookIt number for each listing under 'AWARDS, RATINGS & BOOKINGS'. This will automatically enable the ability to accept online bookings. It will also display both 'Availability' and 'Facilities' under two new tabs. If you do not have a BookIt account, or choose not to enter the number, an 'Enquire' button will display by default, linking through to the email address you nominate for each listing.

10.  How do I set up a BookIt account and how much does it cost?

You can sign up to BookIt for free at Simply click “register” and follow the steps. When you’ve loaded your business information including great photos, descriptions, products and pricing we’ll be able to approve your account and you’ll be bookable across the BookIt network. Registration is free, and unless you are using us in your own website for direct bookings, the only cost is a commission on successful bookings. Bookings through Travelbug, or other such ‘reseller’ sites cost a total of 15% of the booking value. These bookings are all pre-paid, inclusive of credit card fees and invoicing and the money will be in your bank account the day after the traveller arrives with you.

If you want to use BookIt on your own website, what we call ‘self-retail’, those bookings will cost you 6% including credit card fees for activities, and 4.5% for accommodation. The only other cost, again for direct bookings, is if you chose to have a custom booking template so that your BookIt pages look like your own web pages. These cost $499 plus GST.

11.  I am having problems uploading images, what can I do?

NTT CMS image upload screenshotFirstly, there are some known issues with older versions of Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use either Chrome or Firefox.

You can upload up to 10 files by dragging and dropping them (in Chrome or Firefox ONLY) OR browse your computer (if you are using Internet Explorer). We accept jpg and png files. A minimum size of 700 pixels wide by 394 pixels high (or about 300Kb) is recommended. Files may be no bigger than 5Mb each.

When uploading images, it is important to wait until the green line under the image has finished moving and the tick appears before you click on ‘Update’ - see screenshot on right.

12.  I can't find an answer to my question here - how can I ask for more information?

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, email our web project manager at